Gift Sets

Candle Gift Set
You choose a candle, choose a flannel, and then choose a soap. Bespoke flannels are available. Just message which colour you would like. All flannels are made with 100% cotton and can be washed on high temperatures. Candles are made with Soy wax which is the cleanest wax currently available. It is then infused with essential oils that carry benefits for mental, emotional, and environmental well-being.
Sheer Luxury 1
Crocheted flannel and face-scrubby. Middle Earth and Breezy Blue soaps in compact wooden box.
Sheer Luxury 2
Crocheted flannel in 100% cotton and two soaps in a compact wooden box.
Sheer luxury 3
Compact wooden box. Handcrafted soaps and flannels.
Gift box 4
Compact grey wooden box with three delicious soaps and a sisal bag for storage or exfoliating.
Sheer luxury 5
Two soaps and crocheted flannel with gold edges.
Sheer luxury 6
Three charcoal soaps. Lavender and Teatree, Patchouli and finally, Pine and Peppermint. Two face-scrubbies and a tea light that just smells divine.
Sheer luxury 7
A gorgeous, pink and compact wooden box with Floral soap, soap hearts and a crocheted cotton flannel.