Naturally Lovely Artisan Soaps

Pain is sometimes a catalyst that propels you towards the things that you really are meant to be doing. For many years I worked as a schoolteacher, something which consumed my life completely. Little by little I was brought to my knees. However; as so many others I also feared not being able to pay my bills so I plodded on not responding to the many warning signs and refusing to accept that the Universe has my back and that I will be alright. There came a day when I had to surrender as I had simply emptied myself, dried up and lost the will to teach. This caused me to have six months off with stress. During these months I took up soaping again. It became my mindfulness exercise and therapy.

I went back to teaching, but only a short time went by before old symptoms of stress raised their head again.

I took the difficult decision to retire early and drastically reduce our income and dedicate my time and love for creating to develop a soap business, which now includes aromatherapy candles, crocheted flannels and of course, our delicious soaps.

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